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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Memorial?

A memorial is an object which serves as a focus for the memory of a person. Most of the memorials that we create are either upright headstones, books or tablets (a tablet is a memorial stone that lies flat). 

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Where do we start?

You can start by browsing through the information available within this website so that you can get a feel for which sort of memorial you would like. When you feel ready, contact us to proceed further. You can either call us, email us or visit the showroom to have a look through our photo albums and view the stones on display.


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What is the process once we have contacted you?

First we check what cemetery and what area you are looking at so we can advise you correctly as to the right type of memorial for that particular area. Upright headstones can not be placed in tablet areas and vice versa. Together we will go through the memorial style options available in that section and go over the inscription (choice of hand carved or sandblasted) and any artwork or photos you may like to place on the memorial. We will give you an idea on price which is confirmed once everything is finalised. The next step is we will produce the layouts so that you can see how everything is going to look before we start engraving. We can give you different options for types of stone, fonts, artwork, artwork placement, and general layout. You then choose your options, checking names and dates, and any changes are finalised. The final proof is approved by you ready for us to work from. You then leave the rest to us and we will contact you when the memorial is placed in the cemetery for you. 

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Does the lettering last forever?

Yes the lettering does last forever but the lettering colour does fade after time and needs relettering.

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Do you reletter and restore older memorials?

A large proportion of our work is restoring older memorials and relettering headstones and tablets. We can paint or regild in all the local cemeteries. Please contact us and we can give you a quotation to restore a memorial back to its former glory.       

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Do you only do headstones?

We specialise in memorials but can take on all sorts of custom projects, such as business plaques, foundation stones and pet plaques.

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Churchyards have regulations. What memorials am I / am I not permitted?

All Church of England churchyards have strict regulations set by the diocese intended to preserve the historic character of the sites.

The following are NOT permitted:

1. No monument may be erected over a grave until at least 6 months have passed since the interment.

2. Monuments made of marble or granite (other than unpolished grey granite), artificial stone or plastic and, in particular, monuments made of black granite or marble.

3. Monuments made of more than one type of stone.

4. Monuments in the shape of hearts, urns or statues depicting human figures or otherwise.

5. Monuments with more than one side polished.

6. Monuments with pictures or photographs on them.

7.  Kerbing, railings or chippings.

8. Any kind of lighting. 

9. Leaded letters, letters finished in gold or silver leaf and coloured letters.


The following are ARE permitted:

1. Monuments in UNPOLISHED grey granite, Nabresina Limestone, Portland and Purbeck limestone, York stone, Welsh slate.

2. Inscription must include words and numbers only. The inscription must include the full names of the person or persons buried with dates or years of birth and death. 

3. Additional words providing they meet the following criteria:

a)  They are not tactless or inapt;

b)  They are consistent with Christian scripture, teaching and doctrine;

c)  They do not intentionally, by implication or otherwise, draw a comparison of any sort with anyone else buried in the churchyard. 


Click here for examples of permitted churchyard memorials or here for our completed churchyard memorial work. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your churchyard memorial.

Link to full Church of England churchyard regulations documentation here.

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Can I insure my memorial?

You may wish to consider insuring your memorial against accidental damage by vehicles, if the memorial is positioned near a path with vehicular access, or motor mowers, falling tree branches, vandalism and ground subsidence. 

Stoneguard Insurance supplied by Bridge Insurance, underwritten by Sun Alliance, gives full cover for a period of 5 years for a very modest premium based on the value of the memorial which is renewable at the end of that period.

For example:

If your memorial costs £1000 the insurance premium is calculated as follows:

5% of total job value ( 5% of £1000=£50.00 )

5% tax on the £50.00=£2.50 added to £50.00 gives a premium of £52.50 for 5 years.

The cover is immediate on the day the memorial is erected.


Please be aware that insurance cover does not include normal “wear and tear” or weathering or applied finish to the letters or any ornamentation.

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Caring for your memorial.

Do's & Dont's for cleaning a Granite Memorial.

DONT use any cream cleaners or abrasive scourers on polished surfaces!!!

DONT scrub at any lettering with hard bristtled brushes use very soft brush or sponge.

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